Potential Trend Risks in Cannabis Investments

Stock opportunities for cannabis stocks remain to be on edge because numerous cannabis-derived products are still not widely accepted by health professionals.

One of the main reasons why investing in marijuana stocks is generally viewed to be a dreadful idea is the presence of risks and concerns and various allegations raised against some huge marijuana companies. Insys Therapeutics, in particular, is one of the two companies (the other one being Zynerba) that had gained poor market performance and had experienced loss in sales of about 38%.

At present, Insys Therapeutics is facing allegations about its product, Subsys. Subsys is a synthetic opioid and wasn’t even marketed only for cancer patients but also to health professionals prescribing medications for opioid.

Another thing is the presence of tougher laws to regulate marijuana in the Trump administration. Critics of marijuana expansion are also squashing any legalization idea of the government, making the process longer than usual.

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